About Me

Robin C Pierce

Hi, I’m Robin. I’m a young creative based in Nottingham, though I’m originally from a small town in Texas. Recently I finished art college, which in the UK is like a US high school. I’m figuring out the next step in my art journey, and looking at illustration programs at university. I hope to become a children’s illustrator, because I enjoy creating fun and whimsical patterns and designs. I’m autistic, which impacts my communication. Art is my outlet and I’m able to express my feelings through it.

This is where I’ll be selling prints and cards, and maybe some ceramics. I’ll be blogging the next steps through my creative journey to include behind the scenes, upcoming projects, and sneak peaks. During the next year I’ll be participating in different programs and classes, so I’ll share reviews and updates and tell you about other artists you should check out. You can reach me at robin@thadenpierce.org or check me out on Facebook and Instagram. I hope you enjoy exploring my site.