New plushie

Had this UFO (Un Finished Object) that I’ve been trying to work on since last Christmas, and I decided to finally finish it. I also got it done before the hypothetical deadline I gave myself! So here, let me stop talking and show off my work.

This little guy is a character called Pochita, also know as the chainsaw dog. I made him to be used as a bag at conventions or just normal outings.

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Life drawings I’ve done this year

I tend to always carry a little sketchbook around with me whenever I go out, so these are a few of my favorite sketchs.

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My Final Major Project done!

These are my recipe cards I made for my last year at college. I used both old and new recipes that made an impact on my life.

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Repeat patterns from my most recent project!

I’m making a set of recipe cards for my final exam and these lovely patterns are going to feature on the backs of the cards!

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Project from last Autumn

These were my final works from one of my old school projects. The characters have been with me for a while and I thought they deserved a makeover.

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Genius Next Door comic

This is a redraw of a comic I did for my portfolio. Words by Regina Spektor.

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Taking things further

Remember my watercolour of the little mouse? I decided to push it a little further with him and turn him into an animation!

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Christmas break art

I was going through some of my older art and I decided to try and refine this ghost painting.

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Mushroom appreciation day!

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Most recent project

Hello hello! Been a bit busy with school, but here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on!

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